This guide gives some points to contributing to presize. Contributions do not have to entail literally modifying/adding code, bug reports are equally important.

  • Bug reports should be made via issues

  • Modifications or additions to code can be made via pull requests (PR)


Be concise, but explain what the problem is. Adding code and output is useful, if possible. Consider commenting the code to improve clarity.

Pull requests

To contribute modifications or additions to code, create a PR. The steps are broadly as follows.

  1. Fork presize to your GitHub profile.
  2. Clone it to your local machine.
  3. Make your changes and commit them to your local git.
  4. Push your changes to GitHub.
  5. Create a PR
  6. Discuss with reviewer about any requested changes until the PR can be closed.

Please describe the motivation behind your PR and provide unit tests via testthat. If your PR addresses an issue, add that info in the description e.g. closes #{issue-number}