• addition of citation info
  • update SCTO figures

presize 0.2.3

  • minor formatting of URLs and references to pass CRAN checks

presize 0.2.2

  • bug fix in shiny app for sens and spec
  • more examples, better described
  • add extra input validation to all functions

presize 0.2.1

  • add reset buttons to shiny app
  • correct copy/paste error on ICC page

presize 0.2.0

  • various changes to ensure that all functions support vectors for different scenarios

presize 0.1.4

  • minor changes to readme and shinyapp (corrections of references/typos)

presize 0.1.3

  • more minor changes for CRAN

presize 0.1.2

  • minor changes requested by CRAN

presize 0.1.1

  • first version for CRAN
  • minor clarifications to options/descriptions
  • minor changes to shiny app

presize 0.1.0

  • initial ‘final’ version


  • addition of wrappers for prec_lr (prec_pos_lr, prec_neg_lr) to simplify positive/negative LRs


  • addition of method for likelihood ratios prec_lr


  • addition of function for Cohen’s kappa

  • update shiny app to include kappa

  • POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE: arguments in prec_rateratio renamed from *_exp and *_control to *1 and *2 for consistency with other functions


  • addition of shiny app and pkgdown


  • prec_sens and prec_spec allow prev and conf.width

  • multiple notes allowed in print method

  • add contributing guidelines

  • prec_sens_spec removed. Confidence intervals and sample sizes are quite different to other methods. A two step approach using prec_sens and prec_spec is instead recommended


  • addition of various tests

  • addition of rate ratio method