accrual_create_df: warning if by refers to a NULL object accrual_create_df: fix typo in documentation (last instead of first date) test-accrual_plots: named vector for target

bug fix in gg_accrual_plot_predict if accrual_df contains only one site and no overall

prediction of sample size at specific date

allow for empty sites in by (if specified as factor)

new method for accrual_list objects

bug fix in accrual_plot_abs (stacking of bars) fix vignette and help files

add a demo dataset accrualdemo

named vector for target, default plot size for vignette

Fix par setting for accrual_plots Reinstate old par at the end of the vignette

Clean help files Add names to header in print method

Update vignette Small changes in accrual_plot_predict (size of legend) and gg_accrual_plot_abs (name of x-axis title)

Remove LazyDate from description

gg_accrual_plot_abs: site as factor so that the legend is then the same order as the sites in the accrual_df_list

accrual_create_df: named vector for start_date and current_date

accrual_time_unit: use weeks form start (last Monday) instead of calender weeks

accrual_table: correct typo in weeks summary: no longer prints the table

accrual_table: remove options for start and end date accrual_table: include 0-entries in accrual_df for calculation of accrual time

accrual_plot_predict: remove 0 from center strip

addition of names_overall attribute to accrual_df objects new accrual_list class for accrual_dfs with multiple sites new ggplot methods comparable to the base graphics capabilities new print methods for accrual_dfs and accrual_lists vignette updated to include above info (where appropriate)

accrual_df class applied to all dataframes when by is used (allows methods to work on subelements of the list too, e.g. plot(list[[1]])) tests added for accrual_create_df, accrual_plot_cum

bug fix for force_start0 in accrual_create_df test for accrual_predict

helper function for plotting center info in accrual_plot_predict

modifications of accrual_plot_predict - no longer allows input of start and end date - no longer allows input of enrollment dates - center info is shown if accrual_df is a list - separate predictions are shown if accrual_df is a list and target is a vector of the same length accrual_create_df allows to add overall at top or bottom removal of overall option from accrual_plot_cum

accrual_plot_cum no longer allows input of start and end date

accrual_plot_abs produces stacked barplots if accrual_df is a list no longer allows additional input of start an end dates no longer produces several plots if accrual_df is a list

enrollment_date no longer allowed to include NA values

adapt options for start and end dates accrual_create_df

removal of possibility to pass dates are strings >>>>>>> 0c51608820193f8d715acf93d90e88fd59caa751

Adapt x-axis labeling for accrual_plot_cum and accrual_plot_predict

bug fix for accrual_plot_abs

bug fix for accrual_create_df with by as factor plots for list of accrual data frames (accrual_create_df with by option)

new summary and plot methods can be used instead of accrual_plot_x

accrual_table works without a by argument

accrualPlot uploaded to github